Friday, April 6, 2012


OK so the idea here is to write about all kinds of math and physics related stuff and provide supplementary information and introductory posts about my own work. I'll also convert seminar talks etc. into blog posts here and whatever else springs to my mind. My desire to start a blog started after I noticed that I screwed up slightly in one of my publications, which I wanted to correct (it's not a big enough thing to warrant an erratum).

Anyway, time for some MathJax testing:

 $$g^{-1}dg = X_i \mathcal {A^{i}}_j d\omega^j$$
Inline math test \( \int dx \).

Yay! I'm ready to go!

Like the background image? I made it myself by copy/pasteing some "fanciest" formulae from my notes (on a tablet PC), rotated and projected it and did some other manipulations. Nice, eh? ;)